ZyXEL PMG3000-D20B

ZyXEL PMG3000-D20B

Gigabit GPON SFP-Type SFU

GPON Class B+ Type, SC/APC connector
PN: PMG3000-D20B-ZZ01V1F
2 756 Kč
3 335 Kč vč. DPH 

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Podrobné info

With latest BOSA on board technology over SoC design, the Zyxel PMG3000-D20B Gigabit GPON SFP-Type SFU presents GPON ONT in a SFP transceiver with low power consumption and energy saving features with environment consideration. It simply comes in a MSA SFP Form Factor and MSA SFP LAN interface as well as SC/APC optical connector for the Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Network (GPON) interface that complies to the ITU-T G.984.2 standard. The built-in software meets the latest ONT Management and Control Interface (OMCI) ITU-T G.984.4 standard and TR-247 with good provisioning interoperability with most OLT in the market place.

The Zyxel PMG3000-D20B performs high-speed bridging trafficking between GPON and RG with MSA SFP sockets to upgrade Ethernet device to GPON compliant. As network management can be done via OMCI with these highly integrated features, the PMG3000-D20B shall provide cost effectiveness as well as easy, flexible installation to service providers for faster deployments to meet FTTH subscriber needs.

Oblast použití

Příklad zapojení PMG3000-D20B


 ITU-T G.984-compliant GPON port

The Zyxel PMG3000-D20B Gigabit GPON SFP-Type SFU is an ITU-T G.984 complying Optical Network Terminal (ONT) in one SFP Electrical Footprint. The PMG3000-D20B provides a high bandwidth access and full functions for home users.

The world first SC/APC in GPON SFP stick, provide a ITU-T Class B+ sensitivity and with FEC enable

The Zyxel PMG3000-D20B is the world first SC/APC SFP stick which supports ITU-T Class B+ and FEC. With benefit of small, easy-installation and low-cost, it enables gigabit broadband service by inserting this SFP efficiently.

High speed data access

Zyxel GPON ONT provides a high speed data access capability combined with residential gateway for customer to support the wide deployment of Triple-Play services such as video, data, HDTV and interactive gaming very easy.

Low power consumption

Low power consumption under full speed for industrial and commercial usage, meet the power consumption described in MSA perfectly.

Technické parametry

PON Port

  • SC/APC in GPON SFP stick

LAN SFP Footprint

  • MSA SFP standard
  • Dual mode of LAN (2.5G SGMII and 1000Base-X)

Key Components

  • Lantiq Falcon-S
  • 64 MB DDR2
  • 10/100/1000BaseX/SGMII LAN
  • LAN in MSA SFP Footprint
  • SC/APC connector
  • Complies ITU-T G.984.2 Class B+ laser FEC enabled by OLT shall increase 2 dBm